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SAP R/3 and SAP Visual Composer

What is SAP?
SAP was start in 1972.  It is in Mannheim Germany by a group of ex-IBM engineers.  The original name for SAP was German. It is “Systeme und Anwendungen Produkte”. It is in English is “System application and products”. “SAP’s application software foundation is built on the concept of specialization and integration. That is, each component or product within the SAP family of products and services meets a particular need, such as providing web-based accessed to other SAP system, facilitating day to day financial and resource management (SAP Enterprise Resource Planning), supporting internal company procurement (SAP supplier Relationship Management), interconnecting different systems to ease integration headaches (SAP Netweaver Process Integration) and so on.” (W.Anderson, Rhodes, & Davis, 2008) SAP is providing wide range of industry specific solution.

Discuss recent advances in broadband wireless technology

Wireless broadband is a fairly new technology that provides high-speed wireless internet and data network access over a wide area. The broadband bandwidth greater than 1 MHz and supporting data rates greater than about 1.5 Mbit/s. So according to this wireless broadband features equivalent to wire broadband access, such as ADSL or cable modem. Wireless Internet Service provider provides download speeds over 100mbit/s.

Restricting and Sorting Data


Where clause - Restrict the number of rows returned by a query

Like Operator - Restrict the charaecter value

BETWEEN...AND.. operator - Specify the criteria based on a range of value

IS NULL  - Check for Null values

Order by - Sorting the return data


Focused Explanation

Current academic activities that use ontologies in a business environment


This report is based on current academic activities that use ontologies in a business environment and take the form of literature reviews. Also it includes current work on ontologies and semantic web and business application.

Data Warehousing - Data Quality (Issues & Remedies)

Data warehouse is a collection of a large amount of data.

Data Warehousing Environment.

  • Capture data from hetrogeneous systems.
  • Merge the data into a consistent format. This will involve a degree of cleaning.
  • Build and populate the data models.
  • Manage the data warehouse.
  • Support dynamic quiries and analysis.
  • Feed Decission Support Systems.

Problem with Data

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How to mount ext2/ext3 Linux Volumes in Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) with Read/Write access

I was actually surprised to find out that there is no native support for popular ext2/ext3 Linux Volumes in mac OS X. So if you are like me and have ext2/ext3 drives lying around and want to access them using OS X then here is a compact guide to sort things out in Snow Leopard. 


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How to Set Up PHP mail in Debian

Note: This is tested and proven to work on Debian Lenny (stable)

If you are a web-admin or a PHP developer hosting on your own servers you might have found out that PHP mail() function does not work out of the box in Debian unless you have installed Exim (default MTA for Debian Lenny), sendmail or some other MTA. Most of the time this is OK, but when you really don't want to mix a mailserver with your webserver this is going to be a problem.


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