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Intel iwl-wifi on Debian Lenny

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Intel has introduced a new wireless driver called iwl-wifi (Intel Wireless WiFi Link Driver) to replace their ipw wireless drivers for Linux. Following steps are tested in Debian Lenny (Testing) [2.6.25-2-686 kernel] and should work with any Debian distribution having a stock kernel equal or greater than to 2.6.24.

1 - Install
# aptitude install firmware-iwlwifi

2 - Load the Modules
The Modules will be loaded the next time you reboot but if you are eager to test the new drivers load them manually.
# modprobe iwl3945

Note: If you are having a different wireless card other than the Intel 3945ABG use the correct module accordingly. i.e. If you are having a Intel 4965AGN adapter use modprobe iwl4965.

3 - Configure your wireless interface
If you don't want your GUI interface to manage your wireless connections, configure your wireless settings manually using configuration instructions found here.
4 - Stay Up-to-Date
Keep an eye on the Intel Linux Wireless project page for future updates.