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Chapter 1 - Rationale

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The company is having two buildings, separated by open space distance of 500 metres which have the same architecture with five floors where width of the walls on each building is 100 metres.

The fourth floor is an open plan area and the top floor incorporates an atrium. The ground, second and third floors are partitioned into four equal segments and the second and third floors are reserved for training course programmes.

Each training room is having 20 terminals making a total of 80 on a floor and summing up a 160 in both second and third floors. Fourth and fifth floor are having a total of 40 terminals giving access to guests making it 20 terminals in each floor and the ground floor house 20 administrative and training staff. So in total there are 220 terminals in each building.

In addition to these wired terminals, the fourth and fifth floors are required to have wireless access for guests with internet and intranet web access and for company employees who has access to the internal systems.

The conference delegates are offered Video-on-demand presentations of the conferences and training sessions via the wired and wireless networks.

The two building are named as building A and building B for explanation purpose.