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compiz-fusion broken after an upgrade (Debian Lenny)

Uditha Atukorala's picture

I'm using Debian Lenny (testing) and for the second time compiz broke after I did an upgrade. I tried removing compiz completely and installing again (which worked last time) but it didn't fix the problem.

But for some reason I tried,

$ compiz-check

and it said that compiz couldn't run that my system is not supported.

What?? :o I was running it perfectly up until the upgrade.

So I thought this could be because of the graphics drivers so I downloaded the latest drivers and installed and compiz is back....

I am using nVidia and it compiles some kernel modules (as far as I know) so I guess the update had changed the system configuration and modules (No new kernel version was installed, I ususally don't upgrade my kernel) so the nVidia thingy needed a fix.