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Chapter 1 – Preparation

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Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework and most of the Linux flavoured OS distributions include Qt SDK as a standard package. If not you can download it from

For the purpose of this document we will be using Qt SDK for Windows (2010.02.1) installed at C:/Qt/2010.02.1.


1.1 Installing Qwt

Download Qwt from and extract the source code . If you are using a non Windows environment the default qmake, make, make install commands will install the Qwt library. But in windows mixing debug and release binaries tends to cause problems so we’ll have to make a few tweaks.

Open the Qwt project file ( in Qt Creator and make the following changes to the qwtconfig.pri file.

15. INSTALLBASE = C:/Qt/Qwt/5.2.1
52. #CONFIG += release     # release/debug/debug_and_release
53. CONFIG += debug_and_release
54. CONFIG += build_all


15. This is where Qwt library is going to be installed
52, 53, 54. This is to enable both debug and release builds

Note: Line numbers are taken from Qwt version 5.2.1 and can be different for other versions.

Once you’ve done the above changes open a Qt command prompt and navigate to the Qwt source dir and compile and install using the following commands.

qwt-5.2.1> qmake
qwt-5.2.1> mingw32-make
qwt-5.2.1> mingw32-make install