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Current academic activities that use ontologies in a business environment


This report is based on current academic activities that use ontologies in a business environment and take the form of literature reviews. Also it includes current work on ontologies and semantic web and business application.

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How to mount ext2/ext3 Linux Volumes in Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) with Read/Write access

I was actually surprised to find out that there is no native support for popular ext2/ext3 Linux Volumes in mac OS X. So if you are like me and have ext2/ext3 drives lying around and want to access them using OS X then here is a compact guide to sort things out in Snow Leopard. 


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How to Set Up PHP mail in Debian

Note: This is tested and proven to work on Debian Lenny (stable)

If you are a web-admin or a PHP developer hosting on your own servers you might have found out that PHP mail() function does not work out of the box in Debian unless you have installed Exim (default MTA for Debian Lenny), sendmail or some other MTA. Most of the time this is OK, but when you really don't want to mix a mailserver with your webserver this is going to be a problem.

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CMF Downloads

You will find all the download files at the end of this page. All the files are released under GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3) unless otherwise mentioned.

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PHP Object Oriented Content Management Framework

PHP Object Oriented Content Management Framework project is started with the intention of creating a framework and a content management engine to assist in complex web projects. It is currently hosted with

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Intel iwl-wifi on Debian Lenny

Intel has introduced a new wireless driver called iwl-wifi (Intel Wireless WiFi Link Driver) to replace their ipw wireless drivers for Linux. Following steps are tested in Debian Lenny (Testing) [2.6.25-2-686 kernel] and should work with any Debian distribution having a stock kernel equal or greater than to 2.6.24.


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