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HDMI Video tweaks for nVidia

After messing around a lot I learned through trial and error that you have to set two options in your X Config file to get proper video through HDMI. This is specially true if you are trying to connect a TV to your box and getting small fonts that you cannot read.

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UPnP AV Client on Linux

If you have been messing around with UPnP media servers like mediatomb it is a good idea to have a UPnP Client installed in your Linux box. I use djmount for this purpose.

The following methods are tested on Debian Lenny (testing) to install and run djmount and should work with any other Linux distribution with the only change of installing FUSE.

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How to configure Proxy Settings for the Linux Console and APT

You can use the following methods to configure your console to use a proxy server so that console based programs like wget could get connect to the internet through the proxy.

1 - Set the environment variable
# export http_proxy=http://DOMAIN\USERNAME:PASSWORD@SERVER:PORT/

In the above configuration you can ommit the DOMAIN\USERNAME:PASSWORD@ part if you are not using proxy authentication.

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NVIDIA drivers on Debian Lenny (2.6.25 Kernel)

If you have tried to install install the nVidia drivers for your Debian Lenny 2.6.25 kernel probably you should have got the error about a Xen enabled kernel. Following is a little tweak that you can do in order to get this working and please note I found this while crawling the web so all regards to the original poster(s).

This method is tried on Debian Lenny Testing (2.6.25-2-686) with driver.

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Intel Wireless not getting connected to a wireless network in Debian Lenny

If you are using Debian Lenny and had a recent upgrade you might have found that you cannot associate with wireless networks anymore through the gnome network manager. But you might still be able to connect through manual configuration.

Well, there is a solution for this if,

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sudoers in Debian

To add sudo users or sudoers in Debian first you need to install the sudo package if it is not already installed.

# aptitude install sudo

Then it is all about editing the sudoers file and giving the appropriate permissions. This is done by executing the visudo command as root.

# visudo

By adding the following line to the # User privilege specification section you can give all the privileges of root to the user.

         user ALL=(ALL) ALL

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compiz-fusion broken after an upgrade (Debian Lenny)

I'm using Debian Lenny (testing) and for the second time compiz broke after I did an upgrade. I tried removing compiz completely and installing again (which worked last time) but it didn't fix the problem.

But for some reason I tried,

$ compiz-check

and it said that compiz couldn't run that my system is not supported.

What?? :o I was running it perfectly up until the upgrade.

So I thought this could be because of the graphics drivers so I downloaded the latest drivers and installed and compiz is back....


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