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Execute CGI-Perl scripts as root

When Apache executes CGI-Perl scripts they are executed as the apache user. So if you want to have some system commands which can be only executed as root (e.g. iptables commands) in your CGI scripts they will not get executed.

One solution is to use setuid mode in Perl.

For this you will need the perl-suid package (in Debian) or the special Perl program called suidperl.

# aptitude install perl-suid
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Windows Vista Fonts in Linux

My quest for a better font system in my Debian Lenny (testing) installation continues. I found out that there are some nice fonts is Windows Vista which I could put into use.

Following are two windows downloads I know of which includes these Windows Vista Fonts with them.

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Asterisk + FreePBX Installation with Debian Packages

Using Debian packages to install Asterisk and FreePBX would not be the most optimised way but it does the job when you want a quick installation.

FreePBX is not yet in the Debian repository but it is available through

The Key for verifying the repository;

# cd ~
# wget
# apt-key add xorcom.gpg.asc
# apt-get update

Aptitude installation;

# aptitude install freepbx

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List Kernel Modules

Had this Linux box to install Asterisk and wanted to check whether there are any zaptel drivers already installed. I knew that /proc file system holds runtime information of the Linux kernel but just didn't know where to look.

While going through /proc I came across /proc/modules which gave the information but not exactly in a readable fashion.

A Google search highlighted the use of lsmod, which is a tool that interprets the /proc/modules and lists the modules in a readable manner.

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ntfs-3g Unclean shutdowns

When I tried mounting an USB external HDD which is formatted in ntfs, I got this this error message mentioning an unclean shutdown. Obviously I could've used -o force option to force the mount but I googled to find a solution.

This error is probably because of not safely removing the USB Drive and which could be fixed using ntfsfix.

(ntfsfix is included in the ntfsprogs Debian package)

# aptitude install ntfsprogs
# ntfsfix /dev/sdc6


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